Chris and Marlow

Gain from our experience and learn to prosper together!

Money is a leading cause of divorce.

To bring a cure to this “financial cancer”, and help you prosper together, Couples Money approaches the financial dynamic of a partnership from the perspective of a married couple involved in the financial services industry.

Founders, Chris & Marlow Felton, (Best-Selling authors of “The Prosperity Factor: How to Achieve Unlimited Wealth in Every Area of Your Life” with Joe Vitale) have experienced the realities of unhealthy, daily financial struggle – as well as the joy and freedom of financial transformation. Together they bring 27 plus years combined experience in the financial services industry working with couples of all walks of life and learning from financially independent mentors.

Learn from our experience and let’s prosper together!

Startup School

Chris Felton’s Entrepreneurial Startup Training


We are excited to share the Entrepreneurial Startup Training through our Couples Money website on demand! Listen, take notes, listen again, and soak it all in at your convenience!

Chris has spent over 17 years fine-tuning his Entrepreneurial Startup Training, also known as Fast Start School.  This training is for any entrepreneur who is looking to increase cash flow and grow their business to the next level.

It may just be the encouraging words of wisdom and empowering strategies from his years of experience to take you there!

Fast Start School

Chris Felton's Entrepreneurial Startup Training


Wealth Buckets


Learn the importance of segregating funds with our free video training session!

FREE Video Training

Wealth Buckets


FREE Teleseminar

3 Common Money Mistakes

The Ultimate Couples Money Blueprint Series

Our Four-Week Series

The Ulti­mate Cou­ples Wealth Blueprint

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